All Sights Affixed, Ablaze


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    Total playtime: 44:02
    Album art by Mark Riddick
    All songs written and performed by
    Idol of Fear
    Copyright © 2014 Idol of Fear

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released November 18, 2014

Austo: Vocals, Guitars, G. solos
Dave: Lead Guitar, G. Solos
Johnny: Bass Guitar, G. solos
Doug: Percussion

All songs written and performed by Idol of Fear
Recorded and mixed by Jeff Wardell
Produced by Idol of Fear & J. Wardell
Mastered Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio, Sweden
Artwork by Mark Riddick

Copyright © 2014 Idol of Fear



all rights reserved



IDOL OF FEAR plays undefinable, undeniable crushing metallic music. Founded in 2011, they have released their debut album
'All Sights Affixed, Ablaze' independently on Nov. 18th, 2014. Hailing from the great white North.

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Track Name: Vanquish
onward to dethrone
every king of every realm
behold I am the savage
thrusting the rusted pike
into your fatty gullet

one by one
I'll watch your houses burn
and witness your bemused
taste your sour fear
and bitter regret
as the fabric of everything

storming with spite through
darkness into the open
heart of bloated greed
tonight we vanquish
all that remains to crush
the crooked crown

on the unrelenting wind,
into the unknown
burning all which blocks
our path to glory
Track Name: Morningstar
eerie twilight brings the dank
and musty comfort of nostalgic decay
the shearing dissonant, exciting fear
in the terrible purity of a nascent nightmare

chaotic geometry that was revealed
left shimmering under strains of isolation
an annihilating force of exhilaration
the nocturnal bliss of a gravitating terror

the unity of death invoking
the darkest signature of scribbled perfection
within the rabid pit of doggerel tribulation
evolving with rapid progression

in rejection of the false radiance
that abacinates
captivated by the culmination of 1 through 36
seeking truth or something bearing semblance
to sever the self from preordained servility
with a steady fretting hand, compelled to
venture into these hostile realms of
crepuscular grimness...
its daunting beautiful allure that shatters
the disharmonic abject unison
of the monolithic cult's breaching tendrils
that feed upon the dreams of the living dead...
under the late-winter's crescent moon,
the stars will kneel before the vulture
Track Name: Circle of Vortices
in the tepid torrent of mundanity,
and embracing hollow grace of humanity's shadow,
lays the dogged impetus in waiting
watching the world from a shallow grave
amongst the scabbed that fester in burlap sacks,
and the rattling of hallowed shackles,
lays the dogged impetus in waiting
beneath silhouettes of concrete, it begins

ripping through the dry and weathered husks
of atrophy and crusted loss
washing over these desolate mental fields
crushing illusions of motionlessness

everything is moving in constant recension

turning around to face death's altar
as uncertainty collides with
triumphant burning jubilation
becoming a vortex
forcing the hand of fate
upon the table
lifting the veil the shrouds
the path ahead
to gaze beyond the empty stare
of a concrete edifice
peeling away the ambiance of
swollen flies
come to me! in the acid rain
of vindication
come to me in the halls
of exalted flesh
where bodies writhe against
the noise the stifles
I will be harkening to the
reprise of the empty wells
that bleed again, with
no denial of form or potency
come to me! with all the weight
of the great lakes!
come now to me and wipe away
the insulated drought!
Track Name: All Sights Affixed, Ablaze
Standing tall
and crushing on
through the biting and bitter cold...
these are the only coals that still burn,
the undying tinder of
defiant survival,

that glow with a primal strength
steadily in a cyclic
rhythm of determination
overwhelming the bloody
gates of opposition.

hurtling through the night
like a stone that won't stop
thrashing into dawn
with a searing ferver
time wanes, eyes red
in search of alleviation
tearing the will
for a gleam of solace

To the horizon
all sights affixed, ablaze
beset by scavengers
dancing with a reeling hunger
but they inspire no fear
or hatred
only pitied laughter thrown at
their feeble posturing.

And the wind of solemn anguish,
once a gnawing pain lashed upon
what was left
to feel it's kiss
now a welcome breeze
like a frozen mistress

To the horizon
all sights affixed, ablaze
beset by scavengers
dancing with a reeling hunger
but they inspire no fear
or hatred
only left standing tall and
holding on to these cherished embers
carried all the way to the funeral pyre
in calloused palms, and calloused minds
the sustenance that will not tire
blizzards seek no forgiveness
and whip without cruelty
facing the storms would be a lot easier
completely numb
although, it's nice to be warm
Track Name: It Demands
desperations lead the waking life
paranoid and sleep deprived
awaiting further visitations
for in the distance rings the
echo of it's calling once again

as this lituus carves into the
flesh of the stars,
feel my senses devoured by the
auspice of sordid revelation
Track Name: It Militates
anxious glances cast into the dark
is the nothing to fear
something ancient is feeding upon us
a terror of old

intoxicated by the sickly aroma
of virtuous malice
and righteous persecution

that which is of what lays beyond
the vacuum, the first pure absence
the primeval resonance
that set the stars in motion
the blind hands that carry
every shadow
the total essence of
all the binding laws that govern
every atom
the triumphant circle that
affords no recess
that wields the burning sword
of destruction

in the temple of the ever-dying one,
voices tremble with a terrible ecstasy
bleeding into the siren of
the kings of terror
Track Name: It Tyrannizes
across the heavens
a final stone was cast
spitting molten grief
that ignited the opulent
as cities fell beneath
the seas that heaved
upon the scabs
in rapturous mockery,
the reaping scythe
showed no favour

Earth quakes in penultimate
volcanic fits as
Venom seeps from vulgar mouths
that tear at their masters
Chaos reigns as the Sun sets upon
their fetid dynasty

the great sepulcher of mother earth's
sprawling ruination opens before
the burned clutching hollow idols

weight courting the bruise
and torture of grace that cowers
through shoulders and spines
thirst flowers toward the glow of a tear
that dissolves the cement

was it the end? the last breath of the carbon ones
across the fold
consuming their young on the barren altar
of a tainted celestial womb
leaving behind nothing but ashes and bones
picked clean by buzzards!
is it the end? the final yawn of sentience
or another dawn of red tears
and fresh suffering